S is for Stripes

You only have to look at crochet blankets on Pinterest to see a real trend for stripes. Vibrant rainbow ones, vintage pastel colours, ripple stripes, chevrons, stripes worked in rounds-you name it, it’s there. I love stripes, because as much as changing colour can seem like a faff, I get really bored if I’m using the same colour for a whole project. Also (showing my impatient side again) it gives me something to break down the project into smaller steps and stops me from giving up or getting bored!

Part of the fun of stripes is organising the colours and planning out a sequence. Lucy at Attic24 uses these yarn pegs to help out. I quite like the idea and.tried it myself using shades of purple when I are a corner to corner cushion.

Image source:

Here are a few projects of mine using stripes:

I have many more plans for stripy projects! Are you a fan of stripes? Have you made anything stripy that you’ve been really pleased with?

I’m linking this up to Wool in Sundays with Janine at Rainbow Hare.



15 thoughts on “S is for Stripes

  1. Thanks for liking my post. I recently came across a blog (unfortunately I forgot the name of her sight) that inspired me to knit a striped blanket for my son. Then I come across S is for Stripe your very creative A- Z crochet blogs and it just makes me want to do it even more. Thank you, I look forward to following your future posts.

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  2. I am a stripy fan too – partly because I get bored, and partly because I use a lot of donated wool – not usually enough for a whole project.Stripy scrapwraps and scrapghans are the answer!

    I am LOVING your crochet alphabet and your blog.

    Lots of love from Winnipeg,
    Baba StringThings

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